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Best Vegetarian Dinners that Taste and Look Delicious

Many people think that vegetarian dishes don’t taste good. However, this is not true. Vegetarian meals can be some of the most delicious food you will ever eat. To prove our point, we have combined a list of common vegetarian dinners. These are not full vegetarian recipes, but give you the general idea. We encourage you to make one of these dishes and taste for yourself.

Artichoke Mushroom Lasagne – This is one of my favorite dishes. You will need lasagne noodles, Portobello mushrooms, garlic, artichoke hearts, white wine, and seasoning. The delicious sauce that goes with this dish is made from butter, flour, milk, Parmesan cheese and white wine. Cook the pasta and mushrooms separately. Add them together and serve or bake them with cheese on top for a different approach.

Stuffed Peppers – You can put almost any vegetables and meat replacement in these stuffed peppers. Simply throw together your favorite ingredients like brown rice, tomatoes, corn, onion, black beans, cheese, and olives. Remove the tops and seeds of the peppers and fill them with your vegetable and bean mixture and cook for 3 and a half hours. Sprinkle some parmesan over it and dinner is served.

Broccoli Cheddar Casserole – Another delicious dinner option. You will need broccoli, onion, eggs, cream, cheddar, and seasoning. You need to cook the broccoli and mix the other ingredients separately. Add the egg mixture to the broccoli and bake until a knife comes out clean when tested. Sprinkle some cheese and serve.

Gnocchi with White Beans – This is a great one-pan recipe and is easy and fast to prepare. This recipe requires onion, garlic, potato gnocchi, white kidney beans, tomatoes, and cheeses. You throw all the ingredients together in a pan and cook them until tender. Add the gnocchi and season to taste. Let it cook a few minutes longer and serve.

For full recipes, you can just Google the dish names and you will find different versions to choose from. We hope you enjoy your vegetarian meal. Please leave us a comment about your experience.

Different Types of Vegetarians and What They Eat

People who do not know or understand the vegetarian lifestyle, tend to throw us all together under one term. This is not really correct, however. There are different kinds of vegetarians and if you or a friend don’t know the difference, you should keep reading. Today, we are educating our non-vegetarian friends on the different types of vegetarians.


A semi-vegetarian is someone who is reducing their consumption of meat. There are two types of semi-vegetarians. Pollo-vegetarians don’t eat red meat or fish and only eats chicken. Pesco pollo vegetarians don’t eat red meat but eat fish and chicken.


Vegan is a lifestyle and refers to more than just eating differently. Being vegan means that you avoid all meat and other animal-related foods like eggs, dairy products, and any foods containing animal by-products. Vegans also avoid any other animal by-products like silk, wool, leather, etc.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

This type of vegetarian avoids all meat, poultry, and fish. However, they do eat animal by-products such as eggs, milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products. They also eat foods that contain these ingredients, for example, cake or bread.

Lacto Vegetarian

Lacto vegetarians go a step further than the Lacto-Ovo vegetarians. They don’t eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or any food containing eggs. They will, however, still eat dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.

Raw Foods Diet

Some people adapt the vegetarian diet and decide to only eat raw foods. They still don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish, but they also don’t eat cooked vegetables. Other types of vegetarians will cook their food, while raw diet followers will not.


Fruitarians eat only fruits and vegetables that are actually fruits like tomatoes, avocados, and zucchini. They also eat seeds and nuts. Obviously, they don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish and only eat fruit.

These are the main types of vegetarians that you may come across. Not everyone is the same and not everyone chooses a vegetarian lifestyle for the same reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vegan Lifestyle

Going vegan often have untrue connotations and many people misunderstand this choice of lifestyle. However, it can be very rewarding, delicious, and fun to be a vegan and you will be saving the animals at the same time. If you are wondering whether a vegan diet is for you, consider these reasons why you should take on this lifestyle:

You will be saving the animals every day. It is said that every vegan on the planet saves approximately 100 animals every year just by not eating meat or other animal products. Going vegan is the easiest way to help protect and save animals.

Vegan food is delicious. You don’t need meat to make a meal delicious. In fact, the vegan diet is very colorful and tastes great and you won’t have to give up your favorite foods like burgers or pizzas. There are many meat alternatives that look and taste like meat, but is healthier and didn’t harm any animals in its making.

You will lose weight and have more energy. Going vegan is a great way to lose weight and keep it off. Being vegan is not a diet or a fad, but a lifestyle. Studies have shown that vegans generally weigh about 20 pounds less than meat eaters.

You will be much healthier as a vegan. The vegan diet includes many foods that fight chronic and other diseases. Studies have shown that vegans have a lower risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, or high blood pressure. A proper vegan diet will include all the nutrients and proteins that your body needs.

Going vegan can help feed those who don’t have food. This may sound strange, but it is true. It takes a lot of crops and water to raise the animals that are later slaughtered for meat. If the crops that are used to raise these animals were rather given directly to feed the hungry, more people would have food and fewer people will go hungry.

These are only some of the benefits, but it makes a good argument for becoming vegan. To top it all off, you will be helping to save the planet while looking sexy and feeling great.

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