Welcome to 2 Healthy Moms. We are two regular, everyday, superhero moms who happen to choose a life without eating meat. We also raise our children on mainly vegan diets and they have no objections. We decided to start a blog about vegan moms to show that you are not alone. More and more people, parents and children alike, are choosing to cut meat out of their diets. The reasons for doing so differs from person to person.

We started this blog in 2013 and have had such a great reaction from parents all over the world who support our blog and love our posts. We decided to branch out and add a few more moms to our team and now we are 4 Healthy Moms. We love being healthy and raising our kids to make healthy diet choices.

The aim of this blog is to educate people who may want to go vegetarian or vegan or who wants to know if it would be healthy for their children. We also aim to have some fun and give our readers a laugh every now and then. Our posts range from serious to hilarious and we love our interactive readers. It is great to have a responsive community that comments and shares.

We hope you can learn a lot here and we invite you to explore the website and contact us if you have any questions.